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Exposed: California University Organ Harvesting

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has for a long time funded multiple abortionist experiments under various umbrellas. Per Live Action, “their gruesome experiments [involve] fetal tissue and body parts, including recent experiments involving humanized mice, as well as the egregiously inhumane second-trimester abortions which supply those fetal parts.

UCSF reportedly receives millions of taxpayer dollars to conduct these trials.

In a recent exposé by Pro-Life San Francisco, an organization that has long protested UCSF and other similar organizations, multiple logs exposing various procedures were shown, with requests created under the California Public Records Act remaining unanswered.

A few of the requests can be found below:

“1. Any and all UCSF protocols and procedures for determining the viability of a neonate after labor induction abortion procedures including … in instances where the neonate is born alive after the procedure is performed,”

2. UCSF’s protocols and procedures regarding the delivery of medical care to neonates born at the Women’s Options Center[s],” and

3. Human fetal tissue procurement logs.”

Discussions between attorneys of Pro-Life San Francisco and UCSF revealed that the first two requests cannot be granted as there is no protocol to start with, and conequently a lack of supporting documentation. The implication of this is that survivors of abortion are simply left to die, as the Univeristy has not recognized procedure to save them nor any kind of legal requirement to do so. Read more…

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