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Toledo Man Shoots, Kills Police Officer After Spraying “Jesus is Black” During Cathedral Arson

A man wanted in connection to a racially motivated crime against a Toledo, Ohio Catholic cathedral shot and killed a police officer executing a warrant for his arrest last week. 27-year old Christopher Harris reportedly shot and killed 24-year old police officer Brandon Stalker.

Arrest warrants had been issued for Harris in connection to an alleged vandalism and arson at Toldeo’s Rosary Cathedral on January 18th. Harris had allegedly spray-painted the phrase “Jesus is Black” and “black” on the cathedral multiple times, before dousing the church doors with fuel and lighting them aflame. The interior of the cathedral was undamaged.

In one Facebook post just days before the arson attack, Harris bragged of his intention to “set fire” to the Roman Catholic Church. The Toledo man’s social media is filled with religious ramblings and conspiratorial thinking. On the page- which is still active on the notoriously censorious Big Tech platform- Harris even mentions the ongoing police standoff outside of his house. Read more…

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