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Witness: Trannies Abuse Children in Spas

A woman has come forward anonymously to detail her horrifying account of a naked “transgender” woman (a.k.a. a biological man) showing his genitalia to her 6-year-old daughter at a Los Angeles spa.

The woman came forward to The Post Millennial to give her testimony, remaining anonymous because of potential retribution from the LGBT mafia for exposing how their agenda is to give pedos intimate access to children.

“It all happened to me, so I had a relapse of these feelings after having forgotten them,” she said to The Post Millennial. “I knew it was a family spa, and I’d decided to take my daughter. It’s kind of trendy, it’s a 24-hour spa, 90 plus percent Korean, and then a small percentage of people who aren’t Korean. It’s kind of cool to participate in other cultural experiences.”

However, after the gender-bending pervert showed up, the mother began to feel “shamed, and ashamed and embarrassed.” She said everyone was shocked at what was happening in front of them. Read more…

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