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Video: Postal Worker Attacked By Black Women In Search Of Biden Stimulus Money

“They tryna get that stimulus… They done hit this mail lady’s car and hopped out.”

Video footage from Flint, Michigan shows multiple black females attacking and beating a white U.S. Postal Service worker, in search of stimulus money from Democrat President Joe Biden according to onlookers.

The footage was posted to Facebook on Thursday with the caption, “The Crime in Flint is out of control…..A United States Postal Worker was attacked in broad daylight …..Where is The Public Safety Plan……???? there is ZERO FEAR OF THE POLICE Prayers for the Mail Lady????????“

In the video, two black females can be seen grabbing the hair of the postal worker while she is in the ground, and repeatedly punching her in the face. The attack goes on for nearly a minute before the assailants flee in a grey-colored vehicle.

“Bro, y’all hit the mailman!” the cameraman says. “They tryna get that stimulus, this sh*t get serious! On my baby. That stimulus got the b*tches… y’all she hit the mailman, bro that stimulus money a motherf*cker, dog. They done hit this mail lady’s car and hopped out.”

The postal has reportedly recovered from the attack, and one woman has been arrested in connection to the crime according to the New York Post. Read more…

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