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GoFundMe Soars: Patriots Protect Flag, Funding Surpasses $320k!

The GoFundMe drive established this week to celebrate the college students safeguarding the American flag from pro-Hamas demonstrators at the University of North Carolina has swiftly surpassed $320,000 in just one day.

An iconic photo of the event circulated widely on social media, capturing a group of young men from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Pi Kappa Phi chapter holding the flag aloft, ensuring it never touched the ground.

The GoFundMe page expressed immense gratitude to the patriotic Americans who appreciate good camaraderie and unforgettable moments. It noted collaboration with various fraternity leaders, including Alpha Epsilon Pi and Pi Kappa Psi, among others, and promised updates to supporters about future plans.

The page’s narrative hailed the students as heroes standing against a tide of disruptive protests, decrying anti-Semitic sentiments, disdain for faith and country, and championing their defense of the Stars and Stripes amidst chaos and hostility.

The funds raised are earmarked to host a celebration befitting the valor and commitment of these fraternity members who safeguarded the flag against all odds.

Guillermo Estrada, a student witness to the events, recounted his distress upon seeing a Palestinian flag raised on the university’s flagpole. He described the aggressive response from protesters to officials and law enforcement trying to re-hoist the American flag, noting the defiance and hostility encountered.

Estrada praised his fraternity brothers and others for their unwavering stance in protecting the American flag, standing firm against verbal abuse, thrown objects, and derogatory remarks, showcasing a dedication to the values and symbols they hold dear.

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