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Texas Defies SCOTUS, Continues to Fortify Border with Razor Wire!

The Texas National Guard persists in the installation of razor wire along the U.S.-Mexico border, defying the recent 5-4 Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Biden administration’s authority to cut through or remove the razor wire. Despite this legal setback, Texas remains unwavering in its commitment to border security and the preservation of state sovereignty. Governor Greg Abbott affirms the state’s determination not to relent in securing the border, especially in the absence of effective federal measures under President Joe Biden.

The images emerging from the border reveal an intensified effort by Texas to combat the ongoing illegal immigration crisis. Razor wire deployment is part of Operation Lone Star, initiated by Governor Abbott in March 2021 in response to the Biden administration’s failure to enforce immigration laws, leading to a surge in unauthorized border crossings. The Texas National Guard, as part of this operation, continues to hold the line in critical areas such as Eagle Pass, demonstrating the state’s proactive stance in the face of federal inaction.

Chris Olivarez, spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), emphasizes Operation Lone Star’s commitment to deterring illegal border crossings through robust security measures, including reinforced concertina wire and anti-climb barriers along the Rio Grande. Olivarez questions the federal government’s hindrance of Texas’ efforts to protect its border while allowing for perilous and inhumane methods that jeopardize the lives of illegal immigrants, including children. Texas stands out as the only state employing a comprehensive strategy to safeguard its sovereignty, combat criminal activities, and discourage illegal immigration.

In conclusion, the conservative perspective presented underscores Texas’ resilience in the face of legal challenges and federal limitations. It emphasizes the state’s commitment to protecting its borders, highlighting the contrast between Texas’ proactive approach and perceived federal shortcomings under the Biden administration.

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