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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Declares Border Security as Racist Agenda

In a recent segment on MSNBC, Joy Reid made controversial comparisons, equating the desire for a secure southern border with the racist segregation practices of the 1960s. Specifically, she targeted Congressman Chip Roy, who expressed resistance to the Supreme Court’s ruling allowing the removal of razor wire barriers by the Biden Border Patrol. Reid drew parallels between Roy’s stance and the opposition to racial integration in the 1960s, portraying those concerned about undocumented immigration as racists.

According to Reid, the resistance to the Supreme Court’s decision echoes the sentiments of “old Southerners” who vehemently opposed racial integration. She criticized Roy’s language, likening it to the defiance of integration by any means necessary. In her conversation with former Hillary Clinton advisor Paola Ramos, Reid implied that the Republican Party, by trying to impede the flow of immigrants, is essentially encouraging local authorities to break the law.

Reid painted Texas as a prime example of what she perceives as the goals of MAGA World, accusing the state of implementing draconian measures to secure the border. She cited incidents like letting migrants drown, setting up buoys with buzz saws, and passing legislation that criminalizes crossing the border at the state level. The segment aimed to characterize Republicans as advocating for zero tolerance on the border to energize their base.

This isn’t the first time Reid has stirred controversy, as she previously expressed concerns about the high percentage of white Christians in Iowa after Donald Trump’s victory in the state’s caucuses. Reid’s statements reflect a perspective that associates border security measures with racism, framing the debate in a way that may not resonate with conservative viewpoints.

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