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‘Not Your Problem Anymore’: How Amy Coney Barrett Helped A Blind Student Through Law School

A blind former law school student of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett spoke in support of the Notre Dame law professor ahead of Senate confirmation hearings set to begin on Monday.

Laura Wolk, a graduate of Notre Dame Law School, testified to Barrett’s intelligence and character in a Sunday video from The Daily Signal along with several other young women who know Barrett personally as her former clerks and students. Wolk, who is blind, said that Barrett went beyond her role as a professor to help Wolk succeed.

“I had the privilege of having then-Professor Barrett at Notre Dame Law School for two classes,” Wolk began. “There are still many barriers that a blind person faces in terms of accessing information. I couldn’t read my textbooks. I couldn’t take notes. I was really struggling to keep up in class. It was a really terrifying experience.” Read more…

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