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Shocker: 20 Million Immigrant Votes to Influence 2024!

Since the 2020 election, concerns have emerged among lawmakers regarding potential illegal voting by migrants in U.S. elections. As the 2024 presidential election approaches, these apprehensions are resurfacing.

An analysis by the Left-leaning American Immigration Council indicates that over 23 million immigrants are expected to participate in the upcoming election, underscoring the growing electoral influence wielded by naturalized citizens. The report emphasizes that as more immigrants become eligible to vote, they gain substantial political clout, projecting a rise in the number of immigrant voters in the next decade. In certain states, foreign-born voters already hold significant sway and can potentially decide election outcomes.

The analysis highlighted by Breitbart News delineates that foreign-born eligible voters are poised to represent around 10% of all eligible voters in 2024. This demographic’s potential electoral impact becomes particularly significant, considering that presidential elections, especially in swing states, often pivot on slim margins. For instance, the 2020 presidential election was determined by a mere seven million votes. In pivotal states like Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the margin of victory was notably narrow. Foreign-born voters typically lean towards supporting Democratic presidential candidates, evident in the 2016 election where Hillary Clinton secured a substantial 64% of the foreign-born vote compared to Trump’s 31%.

This data surfaces amid mounting pressure on President Joe Biden to bolster voter turnout leading up to the election. Representative Mike Johnson (R-La.) expressed concern that the Biden administration may seek to convert illegal migrants into Democrat voters, implying that the administration’s lax approach to the border crisis serves this alleged motive.

The political landscape reflects a dichotomy regarding immigrant voting rights. Earlier this year, California contemplated a measure permitting non-citizens to vote in municipal elections, a proposition met with opposition from Republicans who argue that such actions would diminish the significance of American citizenship. New York City entertained a similar proposal, subsequently struck down by the state Supreme Court. Conversely, some states, including Ohio, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, and North Dakota, have explicitly prohibited non-citizen voting.

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