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Bishop’s Blunt Rebuke: Biden Called ‘Stupid’!

Since it’s Sunday, let’s delve into some recent news concerning the Catholic Church. On April 5, Bishop Robert Gruss made notable remarks at the Cathedral of Mary of the Assumption in Saginaw, Michigan. Despite invoking President Joe Biden’s name during his lecture, the Bishop wasn’t endorsing any political stance. Rather, he was emphasizing the essence of forgiveness in true Christianity and urging the congregation to release anger and resentment. In a somewhat unexpected turn, he singled out President Biden as an example, questioning how often the faithful harbored anger toward him and advising confession to free oneself from such emotions. Bishop Gruss then added a personal remark, stating that he isn’t angry with Biden; instead, he perceives him as “stupid” for not grasping Catholic teachings.

The bishop’s candid comment sparked laughter from the audience, although he maintained a serious tone. He clarified that by calling Biden “stupid,” he meant that the President lacks understanding of the Catholic faith, not in a derogatory sense but as a factual observation. Later, Bishop Gruss apologized for using the term “stupid,” acknowledging that a more precise word could have been chosen. His intent was not to disparage the President but to highlight the disconnect between Biden’s public affiliation with Catholicism and his support for policies conflicting with Church doctrines.

Joe Biden often references his Catholic faith in speeches, yet his governance strays from traditional Church teachings, notably on issues like abortion and gender ideology. The Pope himself criticized Biden’s stance on abortion as “incoherent.” Biden’s purported attendance at a Black Baptist church in his youth contrasts with his limited adherence to Catholic mass, raising questions about the depth of his religious practice.

While a candidate’s faith shouldn’t dictate presidential elections, voters can consider moral appearances and devoutness. However, being a devout Christian doesn’t guarantee effective leadership; former President Jimmy Carter, known for his faith, faced challenges during his presidency. Nevertheless, Carter’s post-presidential humanitarian efforts earned him praise, a contrast to Biden’s actions, which some view as falling short of genuine compassion and service.

It remains to be seen how Biden’s post-presidential years unfold, but his track record prompts skepticism regarding significant contributions akin to Carter’s post-presidency. Despite these critiques, Biden’s presidency has shifted assessments of past administrations, leaving room for surprises in his future endeavors.

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