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Cruz Unleashes Fury: Blasts NSA’s Toxic Woke Glossary

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas vehemently criticized the National Security Agency (NSA) following revelations from The Daily Wire about the agency’s creation of a diversity, equity, and inclusion glossary steeped in Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideologies. Cruz lambasted the 34-page document as nonsensical, branding it as poison that deviates significantly from the core realm of national security. He expressed concerns that this ideological focus might divert attention and resources away from crucial security matters.

The glossary’s attribution of blame to “white Europeans” for “settler colonialism” and its advocacy for gender-neutral pronouns like “ze” and “zir” raised red flags for Cruz. He took particular issue with the NSA’s interpretation of “settler colonialism,” which he argued denigrated the founding of the United States. Cruz contended that this skewed perspective was detrimental and clashed with the agency’s core mission.

Highlighting terms like “decolonization” and “white privilege,” Cruz criticized the agency’s purported shift in focus, suggesting that it interfered with their primary responsibilities. He pointed out instances such as the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) allegedly being sidetracked from securing the border due to unrelated concerns, echoing his belief that the NSA’s diversion from crucial security matters was alarming.

Senator Cruz firmly attributed this ideological direction to what he referred to as the Biden administration’s undue emphasis on left-wing woke politics. He criticized the administration’s seriousness and compared the glossary to a farcical portrayal akin to Saturday Night Live sketches, suggesting a lack of gravity in the document’s content.

The Senator’s criticisms followed a letter from Representatives Mike Waltz and Jim Banks questioning the integrity of the NSA. They expressed deep concerns about the coherence of the definitions in the glossary, raising questions about the agency’s hiring and contracting processes. Additionally, they sought clarification on whether the agency’s pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion inadvertently resulted in discriminatory treatment based on race.

Furthermore, Representative Matt Gaetz added his voice to the chorus of concern, warning about potential repercussions stemming from what he termed the ideological dominance within the intelligence community. Gaetz emphasized the urgency of addressing this issue before it intertwines with advanced surveillance tools at the agency’s disposal.

Despite these concerns and queries, the NSA has remained silent, declining to provide comments or clarification on the contents of the document, leaving several crucial questions unanswered about the agency’s direction and priorities.

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