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Real Talk: The ‘Wild Girl Phase’ is a Harmful Myth

Often, to compensate for the freedoms women lacked in another era, film and media today glorify and encourage the “wild girl” phase, telling women that in order to liberate themselves, they must embrace a bit of recklessness. Many of these behaviors aren’t natural for women and are more likely to cause harm later in life than anything else – so why do we encourage such behavior?

A generation of OnlyFans, flashy jet-setting Instagram models, hookup culture, and hypersexual songs that slash their way through the billboards- it’s only natural that women of this era find the “wild girl” phase seemingly necessary in their early years, especially their twenties. Sexual liberation has taught women that it’s almost their duty to engage in such behavior and that by not engaging in this culture they’re doing themselves a disservice by not effectively using up their “prime” and “golden” years.

When it comes to casual sex especially, many women often resort to it out of insecurity or to fill a void in their life, a void so ambiguous that they may not even be completely aware of its existence at the time. Read more…

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