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Now Ballet is “Racist” Because of Its European Origins

What Color Swan?? Oh no...

Chloé Lopes Gomes, a 29-year-old black ballerina, is angry. For years, she has danced at one of Europe’s premier ballet companies, considered to be the most prestigious in the world. And yet, because she has dark skin, Gomes feels uncomfortable because of all the other light-skinned dancers. NBC News devoted an entire article to Gomes’ gripes, which include complaints that not enough dancers “of color” are involved in ballet. Gomes also feels like black access to ballet is limited, thus making it an “elitist” art form.

“Asking not only a black person but a ballerina to color their skin to look whiter, I don’t think it’s right- I felt very humiliated and very alone,” Gomes told NBC.

Even though the whole purpose behind making “Swan Lake” dancers color their skin white is to look like white swans, Gomes still feels as though it is offensive to black people.

The European dance world does, in fact, offer equal chances to any dancer who is qualified, hence why Gomes was accepted in the first place. Instead of appreciating the opportunity she was given, however, Gomes has done nothing but complain and blame her own personal issues on other people’s alleged “racism” against her. Read more…

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