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Shocking Verdict: Pro-Life Activist Jailed for Nearly 5 Years!

Two pro-life activists, Lauren Handy and John Hinshaw, were sentenced to several years in prison for their involvement in a 2020 “rescue action” at a Washington, D.C.-based abortion clinic. Handy, 30, received a sentence of four years and nine months, while Hinshaw, 69, was sentenced to a year and nine months. Along with seven others convicted on similar charges, they blocked access to the Washington Surgi-Clinic and chained themselves to furniture inside the clinic during the protest.

During their trial, Handy and another co-defendant referenced a video from Live Action that exposed practices within the late-term abortion industry. This video influenced their decision to participate in the protest, highlighting their deep convictions against what they see as the slaughter of late-term babies.

The incident led to an altercation resulting in a clinic employee being hospitalized for an ankle injury. Prosecutors argued that the activists violated the FACE Act, which prohibits physical force, threats of force, or property damage to prevent access to abortion services. Handy’s defense team sought a one-year prison sentence, given her time already served.

Steve Crampton, representing Handy, expressed shock at the sentencing, criticizing the judge’s lecture on Handy’s lack of compassion. He compared the activists’ demonstration to other protests, noting what he saw as selective prosecution.

The judge emphasized that the law doesn’t protect violent or obstructive conduct. Prosecutors sought a much longer sentence for Handy, describing her as an anti-abortion extremist who orchestrated the blockade and encouraged similar actions. They argued that her actions traumatized victims and promoted criminal behavior.

The case reflects the ongoing debate over abortion rights and the legal boundaries of protests and activism. The sentencing has sparked controversy and raised questions about how such actions are perceived and prosecuted within the legal system.

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