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Dems’ Disaster: $20B Missing in Homeless Council Spending!

Some California Democrats are expressing frustration with Governor Gavin Newsom’s handling of the homelessness crisis, particularly regarding the lack of accountability and transparency in tracking the effectiveness of billions of dollars spent on homelessness programs. Democratic Assemblymember Phil Ting raised concerns during a recent budget committee hearing, questioning the absence of concrete data on how many people have been helped or taken off the streets despite significant spending.

The California Interagency Council on Homelessness (CICH) admitted to facing “data quality issues,” which have hindered their ability to provide metrics on the impact of over $20 billion spent on homelessness initiatives since the council’s establishment. This lack of clear metrics has drawn criticism from lawmakers and citizens alike, who expect transparency and measurable outcomes from government spending, especially on critical issues like homelessness.

Megan Kirkeby of the California Department of Housing and Community Development acknowledged the state’s failure to mandate tracking progress or evaluating program viability in the past, describing it as a point of concern rather than pride. This admission highlights a systemic issue of accountability and oversight in managing taxpayer-funded programs aimed at addressing homelessness.

In response to inquiries about the failure to track spending outcomes, CICH pointed fingers at local cities, claiming they are primarily responsible for implementing programs and collecting outcome data. This attempt to shift blame raises questions about the effectiveness of centralized coordination and oversight in addressing complex social issues like homelessness.

The state auditor’s report, revealing a lack of consistent tracking and evaluation of homelessness programs’ effectiveness, underscores the need for increased accountability and data-driven decision-making in addressing the homelessness crisis. As California grapples with a significant budget deficit and ongoing challenges in combating homelessness, the call for more rigorous assessment and transparency in government spending is becoming increasingly urgent.

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