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Former Teacher: Pull Your Kids Out, Now.

As parents of all colors protest at school board meetings against Critical Race Theory (CRT), another player comes to national attention, Bettina L. Love, who is a professor of education at University of Georgia and co-founder of Abolitionist Teaching Network (ATN)…

The list of learning fundamentals that are Black-resistant because they are inherently racist include non-Ebonics English, math, reading, grades, test scores, respect for authority, rudimentary attention span, and minimal self-control… Recently, Love targeted white teachers, claiming they are harming Black children through their conscious or unconscious racism, and must submit to therapy aka deprogramming. They are, says Love “…spirit murdering Black and Brown students…”

If Professor Love and her ilk have their way, Black students, empowered by an agenda which excuses their failures, will continue to disrupt classrooms, intimidate white students, threaten teachers, trash the premises, and wreck the learning process. The message to white teachers, who continue to spirit murder by trying to impart knowledge, will be “Hands off, don’t teach.”

Parents need to change their focus from getting CRT out of schools, and concentrate on getting their children out of public schools. The corruption to education wrought by political correctness, age-inappropriate sex education titillation, the gay agenda, the dumbing-down of academic standards, the implementation of Equity, and now Professor Love’s vision, is unfixable and irreversible. Read more…

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