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Inside the Criminal World Behind Instagram Influencers

Ever wanted to be an influencer? Unruly Agency and its smaller partner firm, Behave, have made a name for themselves in the media world, representing TikTok stars, popular OnlyFans creators, YouTubers, models, and more.

Now, the edgy, youth-based marketing firm is in a world of trouble in the wake of a lawsuit filed by one of its clients, alleging that the company has been engaging in seriously shady tactics – including profiting from pornographic material of the plaintiff that they didn’t have permission to release.

Unruly and its influencer-based partner Behave represent the likes of Daisy Keech, YouTuber Tana Mongeau, and Too Hot To Handle’s famous boy toy Harry Jowsey. Unruly advertises themselves well, selling the narrative of “elite influencer marketing and social media marketing” to wide-eyed influencer wannabes. They also gain clients through the promise of partnerships with well-known companies like FashionNova, and supposedly thrive on “female empowerment…”

But a former Unruly client, known as Jane Doe, would argue that female empowerment, building confidence, and financial stability are the furthest things from the Unruly message.

She’s intent on proving it too, which is why the 21 year old filed a lawsuit against both Unruly and Behave in Los Angeles through her attorney Robert Tauler. Tauler says “these guys are basically pimps,” and he’s not exactly exaggerating. Read more…

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