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Disgusting: Our Culture Infantilizes Adults While Sexualizing Kids

We know that adults are obsessed with quote-unquote “adulting,” but does that mean they’re actually doing it? Not necessarily. With the way most Millennials and Zoomers post about their declining mental health online – while simultaneously wielding their vaccination cards like participation medals and claiming moral superiority over the rest of us – it’s getting harder these days to distinguish between self-aware, hard-working adults and individuals who act more like children in adult bodies…

What many would see as progress, though, others rightfully see as a dangerous precedent with catastrophic consequences.

Sexualizing children doesn’t have to be overtly obvious for us to call attention to its potentially traumatizing effects… Take, for example, parents in an Indiana school district who expressed outrage over the sexually explicit content available in school libraries to elementary and middle schoolers. Even as parents took to the podium to read specific concerning passages from these books to school board members, one parent said they weren’t able to read from a book when the meeting would be broadcast on the news “because it would be against FCC obscenity laws.” Content ranged from a Planned-Parenthood approved book on teaching masturbation to 10-year-olds to books on transgender toddlers. While there’s a time and a place for everything – even discussing sexual health with your children – an elementary school library without parental supervision probably isn’t the place. Read more…

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