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Awful: The Growing Rot of the Military in One Story…

The U.S. Air Force allegedly went out of its way to lower the standards of physical fitness tests and other exams in order to ensure that a female candidate could ultimately qualify for the elite Special Tactics team, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The allegations stem from an anonymous memo that was received by the Beacon, claiming that a female candidate who repeatedly failed and quit multiple times when she initially couldn’t pass the training program was allowed to try again until the qualifications were lowered in her favor…

The memo claims that the woman first received “preferential treatment” during the Special Tactics Officer selection process after she quit a swimming test. Despite this, she was “invited to return” to attempt the training again, which itself was a violation of “societal norms” in the Air Force.

The memo continues by describing how the woman “self-eliminated” on multiple occasions after she continued to fail various physical fitness exams; nevertheless, she was directly approached by Air Force leadership and encouraged to “stay in the training pipeline despite her effort to self-eliminate/quit.” Those in leadership allegedly predicted that she would ultimately pass the exams “regardless of if she meets standards or not.” Read more…

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