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We All Watched the “Coming-Out Party” of the Woke Military; Now Conservatives Wonder What to do Next

The United States military is facing major backlash for its newfound promotion of “woke” culture within the armed forces. After Joe Biden told America that the military needs more “maternity flight suits” for pregnant fighter pilots, the Pentagon came out and made some bizarre declarations about how expectant mothers are going to “dominate” on the battlefield. Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson devoted an entire segment to the issue, which itself drew criticism from left-wingers who claim he is “disrespecting” the military.

The reality, though, is that the military is disrespecting itself. The conservative elements of American society that would normally support the military are now second-guessing whether it should even be funded anymore at current levels. All over Twitter, critics blasted the military and the Pentagon for making a mockery out of our nation’s defense apparatus. “Active duty military openly taking a political side is, uh, at least 100x more concerning than anything Trump ever tweeted,” wrote a user named Rachel Bovard in response to a disturbing tweet from Sgt. Major of the Army Michael Grinston. Read more…

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