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Virginia Restaurant Owner Fights Back Against Governor Northam’s Covid Mandates

A Fredericksburg, Virginia restaurant owner is ready to fight the Northam Administration in court after scrapping mask mandates in favor of face freedom for his customers and employees, and refusing to comply with a subsequent health department order to close his doors. It took Matt Strickland, a Marine Corps veteran of the War on Terror, five years to build his business up from a food truck to a popular brick and mortar eatery. Now, after scrapping Governor Northam’s mask mandate and giving his employees and customers alike the freedom of choice, he is at risk of losing his hard work as he prepares to fight for his livelihood in court against his own government.

“I’m not afraid of the state, I’m not afraid of the federal government,” Strickland says. “I spent most of my adult life fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have no problem coming home and fighting here in Virginia.” Read more…

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