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Watch: Christian Nurse Obliterates Crazed Schoolboard

A Christian registered nurse who identified herself as Melissa decried the Lee County School Board in Florida, as well as school boards across the nation, accusing them of all being “demonic entities” in a passionate tirade against COVID-19 tyranny revealed through a viral video.

In a remarkable video that is making waves online, a Florida woman who identified herself as a registered nurse with two children named Melissa decried tyrannical COVID-19 mask mandates and school boards across the nation, which she accused of being rife with “demonic entities” during a passionate testimony in Lee County, Florida.

“These are demonic entities and we need to stick together. Remember, we have authority in Christ, Jesus. These are demonic entities in all the school boards of all the states of the United States of America, and all of us Christians will be sticking together to take them all out,” Melissa firmly declared before the Lee School Board.

Melissa then channeled her frustration at police officers who enforce authoritarian COVID-19 measures and kick out concerned parents at school board meetings. “All the police officers who kick us out for our First Amendment right will also be going down with them. Do you understand?” said Melissa. “I’m a nurse. Infectious disease. Thirteen years. Masks don’t work. These doctors that sit up here that were sneering at us and looking at us like we are scumbags, they need to go back to f*cking medical school!” Read more…

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