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Voters Revolt: San Fran Deals Crushing Blow to Soft-on-Crime!

In a significant departure from progressive policies, San Francisco residents voted on Tuesday to grant more authority to the police, endorsing measures that allow expanded vehicle chases and the use of drones and surveillance cameras to combat crime. The police initiative, passed with nearly a 20-point margin, provides law enforcement with increased flexibility in pursuing suspects fleeing in vehicles, relaxing current restrictions that only permit pursuits for violent felonies or immediate threats to public safety. The approved measures also empower police to utilize drones, facial recognition, and other surveillance technologies in crime prevention.

Another notable decision, passing with a 26-point margin, mandates drug screening for childless adults under 65 receiving welfare and housing assistance. Individuals failing the drug test must undergo treatment to continue receiving cash payments and housing support from San Francisco. Those refusing treatment after failing the drug screening would become ineligible for benefits. These initiatives represent a marked departure from traditional progressive viewpoints, as they were supported by a significant majority of voters in the traditionally deep-blue city.

The measures received criticism from progressive groups such as the ACLU, particularly the police surveillance initiative. The surprising results indicate a shift away from soft-on-crime policies that were once deeply ingrained in California’s progressive landscape. San Francisco’s Democratic mayor, London Breed, supported both measures, reflecting a response to growing concerns over rising crime rates, homelessness, and drug-related issues. The city faces challenges as businesses close or relocate due to these problems, while drug overdose deaths soar. The outcomes challenge the progressive orthodoxy of recent years and coincide with a broader sentiment among Californians expressing discontent with the crime situation, as reflected in polls and federal crime statistics showing an increase in crime rates within the state, contrary to the national trend of decline.

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