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Victory for Conservatives: School Board Blocks Boys in Girls’ Choir

Citizens Defending Freedom, a nonprofit organization dedicated to safeguarding faith and freedom in America, is celebrating a significant victory after the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts (FWAFA) rejected the demands of LGBT activists to allow boys to join the Singing Girls of Texas choir. The FWAFA School Board also decided against permitting girls to join the Texas Boys Choir. Despite pressure from activists who wanted gender identity to determine choir membership, the School Board voted 4-3 in favor of maintaining the separation based on biological sex.

Members of Citizens Defending Freedom, along with other conservative groups, attended the School Board meeting on June 27 to advocate for maintaining the segregation of choirs by biological sex. After three hours of public comment, the School Board went into a closed session vote, ultimately supporting the conservative efforts. Kenya Ayoub Alu, executive director of Citizens Defending Freedom – Tarrant County, expressed satisfaction with the outcome, stating that it was a victory for children and parents in the region. Alu emphasized the importance of common sense, asserting that boys should not be allowed in the girls’ choir and vice versa. She suggested the establishment of a co-ed choir alongside the existing girls’ and boys’ choirs as a possible solution, highlighting the absurdity of the ongoing debate fueled by liberal activists.

This recent triumph marks the second major success for Citizens Defending Freedom and conservative activist groups in Tarrant County within the past two weeks. In late June, the Keller Independent School District voted to prohibit boys from using girls’ restrooms and also to disallow the use of preferred pronouns by students, faculty, and staff. Citizens Defending Freedom played a crucial role in this victory by employing their Title IX Toolkit and collaborating with other concerned groups and individuals to voice their opposition at the school board meeting.

These wins underscore the ongoing commitment of conservative organizations to uphold traditional values and defend the rights and interests of children and families. By advocating for policies grounded in common sense and biological realities, Citizens Defending Freedom aims to counter the progressive agenda pushed by liberal activists. Their efforts reflect the resilience and determination of those who value the preservation of traditional norms in the face of societal challenges.

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