U.S. Army to Approve Female Soldiers Wearing Nail Polish, Letting Their Hair Down

Leading figures in the United States Army announced on Tuesday that there will be several changes to long-standing rules regarding personal appearance among its ranks, which will ease restrictions on female soldiers’ hair and nail preferences, according to ABC News.

The decision allegedly stems from consistent complaints from female soldiers, who had previously been barred from wearing any kind of accessories, and always had to keep their hair into tightened buns, in a manner similar to how male soldiers are required to shave their faces and keep their hair extremely short. Now, women will be permitted to wear nail polish and earrings, and to dye their hair and let their hair down completely.

Sergeant Major Michael Grinston, the highest-ranking enlisted leader in the Army, said during a Facebook livestream on Tuesday that “These aren’t about male and female. This is about an Army standard and how we move forward with the Army, and being a more diverse, inclusive team.” Read more…

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