The Southern Baptists Go Woke

The heated annual Southern Baptist Convention of 2021 concludes the most eventful day with a slew of decisive defeats for the Conservative Resurgence 2.0. All of the anger against Resolution 9 was quickly assuaged when the elites of the SBC gave the messengers the runaround. But the most obvious defeat was the election of Ed Litton, the most woke candidate over Mike Stone…

All Resolutions in their original unamended text can be found here.

Resolution 1 was an “it’s okay to vote democrat” resolution that calls for people to be nice on social media…

Resolution 2 makes no mention of Critical Race Theory by name. An effort was made to combat this and ultimately failed. The Resolutions Committee rejected several resolutions submitted in an attempt to condemn CTR/I… This is a complete betrayal of the trust of the congregation that sent them with the mandate to condemn Critical Race Theory and not elect a woke president. Both of these objectives thus far failed abysmally.

Conservatives got spanked. Many of their messengers betrayed them on the resolutions. They were outmanned and got outplayed. The Southern Baptists lapped up the words of the elite like dogs. This is the consequence of a movement to save the convention that does not name enough names. The Southern Baptist Convention cannot be saved and this all in hand was a bust. It’s time to leave. Read more…

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