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Texas Gives Trans-Crazed Woman Custody of James Younger

A Texas judge has given full custody of 7-year-old James Younger to her mother after she vowed to drug and mutilate the child against the wishes of the father.

Dallas District Court Judge Mary Brown granted full custody of James to Anne Georgulas in an order issued on Tuesday, giving her control over all of James’ activities. She is also permitted by the court to withhold information from the boy’s father, Jeff Younger, “regarding the children’s extracurricular activities, school functions, school enrollment, counseling, and medical care…”

“When the child is brought to [the counselors], the child comes from the mother’s custody and is always dressed up as a little girl. Dad only has possession on Fridays, and neither of the two professionals have office hours on Fridays. And so he thinks, and I would agree with him, that it’s really quite unfair that the presentation of the child to the counseling system is only done under the auspices and control of one parent,” Hanschen added. Read more…

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