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Southern Baptist Convention President Attacks Opponents of Critical Race Theory as Closet Racists, Pharisees

Moral Cowardice

The president of the Southern Baptist Convention, J.D. Greear, has blasted leaders and pastors who’ve made “closet racists” and “neo-Confederates” feel more at home in their churches than people of color. His criticism came during an address at the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee meeting on Monday.

Jeff Maples, covering Greear’s address for Reformation Charlotte, says that Greear is referring to “vocal anti-Marxist critics” when he uses the terms “neo-Confederates” and “Pharisees.”

“If Greear were after unity, he’d denounce the heresy that is swarming the denomination and call for unity around the truth. Instead, Greear labels those who defend biblical doctrine as ‘pharisees’ and calls on the denomination to repudiate them,” Maples writes… Read more…

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