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Should Your Family Join the Woke Military?

With 20 years of mind boggling ideological insanity and massive destruction in Afghanistan finally coming to a close, it’s time to ask some big questions about the health of our nation and the state of our military. That includes perhaps the biggest question of them all: Would you encourage your family members and closest friends to join the U.S. military as it currently stands today?

As someone who identifies as an unapologetically patriotic American, the answer to this question is both painfully obvious to me, but difficult to publicly acknowledge. Yet the time has come to actively discourage people you value from joining the U.S. military, especially if these individuals are in a fortunate enough economic and societal position to thrive without having to use the military as an entry point for success in life.

Being a member of the U.S. military used to mean that you represented the army of a free nation. Not just any free nation, but the greatest free nation to ever exist. Today, that same military has detached itself further and further from anything remotely representing what it means to be representative of the idea of America. Our 21st century military and political leadership class in D.C. represents arguably the most corrupt and deceitful Pentagon and White House in our history. There are no signs that things are getting better. In fact, all the signals point to continuing decline. Read more…

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