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Shocking Revelation: Fox Corp.’s Troubling Support for Radical LGBTQ Agenda

Recently, internal documents obtained by Matt Walsh have revealed that Fox Corp., the parent company of Fox News, encourages its employees to support radical LGBTQ organizations and utilizes a “woke AI” to monitor employees’ adherence to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) principles. The documents shared by Walsh include screenshots of the Fox employee portal, which promotes donations to organizations such as the Trevor Project, the Ali Forney Center, and the L.A. LGBT Center. Additionally, Fox suggests reading explicit LGBTQ books that contain sexually explicit descriptions and pornographic scenes between gay characters.

Walsh raises valid questions about the awareness and intentions of Fox executives and owners regarding these developments within the company. He wonders if they are trying to comply with certain laws or if they genuinely support these ideologies. In any case, Walsh believes that Fox News’ audience deserves to know the extent of these affiliations. Notably, the employee portal encourages support for the Trevor Project, an organization that reportedly hosts a sexually explicit chat room connecting underage individuals with adults identifying as LGBTQ.

Further concerns arise with the Ali Forney Center, which supports the administration of cross-sex hormones to children. Despite this controversial stance, Fox commends the organization for its work with homeless LGBTQ youth. Similarly, Fox praises the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which posted a video of a mother surprising her “trans daughter” with her first doses of hormones, even though the video was removed from YouTube for violating terms of service.

Walsh also highlights one of the recommended books that delves into gay erotica, sharing explicit details about a sexual encounter between two gay characters. He points out that Fox’s promotion of LGBTQ content extends to children, as they suggest a pride rainbow-filled children’s book featuring a character who comes out as a unicorn, symbolizing the idea of coming out as gay or transgender.

In an effort to ensure compliance with leftist ideologies, Fox leadership introduced an AI program called Eskalera, which monitors employee activities related to identity and diversity. The program collects data from various sources, including email and payroll systems, and generates indices such as the “peer comfort index” and the “diversity index.” These indices are based partly on how frequently employees engage in micro-affirmations, a practice associated with DEI concepts.

Walsh questions how a news organization that has positioned itself as a conservative platform could allow such LGBTQ and DEI principles to dominate its internal operations. He suggests that Fox’s disregard for its conservative audience might be attributed to the influence of major institutional investors like BlackRock and Vanguard, who consolidate the wealth of millions of Americans and utilize their voting power to advance a radical agenda that goes against the preferences of many of those Americans. In this context, Walsh argues that these institutional investors are the real customers of Fox News, and their interests are being prioritized.

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