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Shocking Demand from Top Democrat: Shut Down the Border!

Senator Joe Manchin expressed deep concerns during a recent interview about the rapidly deteriorating situation at the U.S. southern border, highlighting the urgency for lawmakers to take decisive action to address the escalating issue. Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Manchin underscored the pressing need to tackle the crisis of surging illegal immigration, emphasizing that it’s imperative to overhaul the existing immigration system.

In his statements, Manchin stressed the critical need to fortify border security and curb the surge of unlawful immigration, denouncing the exploitation of a fractured system by individuals seeking to enter the country unlawfully. He highlighted the unprecedented levels of migration from various parts of the world, deeming it a critical threat to the nation’s security and stability.

Moreover, Manchin highlighted the necessity to elevate the criteria for asylum, emphasizing that the current standards must be substantially raised to ensure the legitimacy of asylum claims. He advocated for stringent verification of threats faced by individuals seeking asylum, outlining the importance of credible evidence to substantiate claims for refuge within the United States.

The senator emphasized the need for a robust adjudication process that swiftly handles asylum claims while underscoring the importance of deterring individuals who exploit lenient rules for their own benefit. Manchin raised alarms about the overwhelming strain on the country’s resources due to the influx of thousands of individuals and stressed the urgency of controlling this unsustainable situation.

Manchin’s concerns were underpinned by the overwhelming numbers of migrants, which have resulted in severe overcrowding and strained resources at the border. His call for immediate action to regain control and manage the escalating crisis reflects a growing sentiment among lawmakers to address the pressing challenges of border security and immigration reforms.

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