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SHOCKING: China’s Deadly Grip on Fentanyl Crisis Revealed!

Investigative journalist and author Peter Schweizer has highlighted China’s pivotal role in the fentanyl epidemic plaguing the United States, shedding light on a sinister trade that claims tens of thousands of American lives annually. In his analysis, Schweizer underscores that the genesis of this crisis lies squarely in China, with the Chinese regime, under President Xi Jinping, serving as the primary facilitator of this deadly trade.

According to Schweizer, China acts as the “senior partner” in the fentanyl trade, with Mexican drug cartels merely serving as conduits for the distribution of these lethal drugs. He points out that a staggering 90% of fentanyl precursor chemicals originate from China and are trafficked to Mexico, with the Port of Manzanillo serving as a critical entry point. Notably, this port is managed by a Chinese company, further emphasizing China’s deep involvement in this illicit trade network.

Once these precursor chemicals reach Mexico, they are processed in clandestine labs operated by cartel-affiliated Chinese workers. Schweizer reveals that around 2,000 Chinese nationals are employed in these labs, where the chemicals are transformed into fentanyl and subsequently pressed into pills resembling commonly prescribed medications like Vicodin or Adderall.

In the distribution phase, the cartels utilize Chinese communication tools and apps, exploiting China’s reluctance to cooperate with U.S. law enforcement agencies. Moreover, the proceeds from the drug trade are funneled through the Chinese financial system, with Mexican cartels resorting to laundering their illicit funds in Chinese state-owned banks. Shockingly, Schweizer highlights that Chinese students in the United States, holding education visas, are utilized for this purpose, further illustrating the intricate nexus between China and the drug trade.

Schweizer advocates for decisive action against China to stem the flow of fentanyl into the United States, stressing the need for punitive measures that inflict real consequences on the Chinese regime. While he acknowledges the principles of free trade, Schweizer questions the wisdom of maintaining such relations with a country actively poisoning American citizens. He contends that the United States must adopt a tougher stance, signaling to China that its complicity in the fentanyl trade will not be tolerated and will incur severe repercussions until it ceases its harmful activities.

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