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Shock Video: Cops Stood By and Watched?

An LGBT supporter was caught making sexual gestures towards a child using a hyper-realistic dildo outside of a Drag Brunch event.

Attendants of the Drag Me to Brunch held at the Sorg Opera House in Ohio were seen on multiple videos confronting Christian protestors outside, appearing to use drugs, and waving an oversized realistic male genitalia shaped sex toy sticking out of her pants at a 13-year-old girl. The woman with the sex toy then appeared to make sexual gestures toward the child with the toy hanging from her pants. The woman’s identity is unknown at this time, but she was reported to the police who took her information pending an investigation.

The confrontation occurred when the unidentified woman approached the daughter of John Willams, an pastor who routinely protests such events. Williams can be seen in the video stepping between the LGBT ally and his daughter. This does not dissuade the confrontation.

When asked to leave the child alone, the LGBT ally appeared to make sexual gestures towards the child and insists she is legally permitted to speak with the child with the oversized sex toy hanging out of her pants. Williams then attempted to notify police on the scene who were “shooting the breeze” down the block instead of watching the protestors who were clearly being antagonized by attendants of there Drag Me to Brunch event. One officer seemed to mock Williams, while another quietly laughed. Read more…

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