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San Francisco Wants to Spend $50M on Reparations?!

The city of San Francisco is moving closer to approving reparations for black residents in the city, as the city’s Board of Supervisors appears ready to implement the proposed payments.

At a meeting of the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, San Francisco Supervisor Shamann Walton proposed setting aside $50 million to establish an office of reparations to begin preparing for the proposed actions from the reparations advisory committee.

“Today, I’m again asking for my colleagues to support a supplemental appropriation for $50 million in order to establish the office of reparations and to implement approved recommendations in this fiscal year,” Walton said at the meeting. “The supplemental will specifically be for reparations only and it will guarantee money in this budget cycle, as the final report will be received very soon, to set up an office of reparations, which is already a recommendation.”

Walton says the proposed funding would go toward staffing an office that would create a database to vet the eligibility of recipients of the reparations. He says the work of the office of reparations would start “almost immediately upon approval.” Read more…

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