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Poll Shock: Voters Prioritize Stopping Border Invasion Over Ukraine!

Battleground state swing voters overwhelmingly prioritize halting President Biden’s border policies over funneling funds into Ukraine’s ongoing conflict with Russia, according to a recent poll conducted for the Heritage Foundation by RMG Research Inc.

The survey, encompassing 1,000 likely swing-state voters, revealed a significant preference for addressing the U.S. southern border crisis over allocating taxpayer dollars to Kyiv. A striking 50 percent of respondents deemed securing the border more crucial than providing financial aid to Ukraine, with only 11 percent prioritizing continued funding for Ukraine, and 29 percent seeing both issues as equally important.

When probed further about U.S. policy direction, a substantial 54 percent of swing-vote participants advocated for allocating more resources to fortify the U.S. border, contrasting with 10 percent advocating for greater aid to Ukraine. Meanwhile, 23 percent proposed an equal allocation of funds for both issues, and 12 percent remained undecided.

The poll underscored widespread resistance among likely voters towards increasing U.S. financial support for Ukraine. With Congress having allocated $113 billion for Ukraine in 2022 alone, a significant 56 percent of respondents perceived this as excessive. Only a minimal 3 percent believed the assistance to Ukraine was insufficient, with 9 percent viewing it as somewhat inadequate.

Of particular note is the resounding opposition to legislative initiatives that prioritize additional funds for Ukraine without addressing border security concerns. An overwhelming 75 percent of respondents opposed such proposals, with a mere 5 percent strongly in favor and 12 percent somewhat supportive.

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts emphasized the public’s frustration with continuous Ukraine-focused spending and the prevailing sentiment that adequate assistance has already been extended to Ukraine. The polling, conducted between April 2-4 among likely voters in key battleground states, reflects a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.

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