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Outrageous Boast: DHS Secretary Ditches ‘Illegal Alien’ Label

In a recent interview, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas proudly announced that he directed his agency to avoid using the term “illegal alien” when referring to foreign nationals who enter the United States illegally. Instead, he prefers the term “non-citizen,” arguing that it reflects the importance of respecting the dignity of the individual. This move is part of the Biden administration’s push for a more “inclusive” approach to immigration. However, conservatives see it as a blatant attempt to downplay the severity of illegal immigration and the crisis it has caused at the border.

Under the Biden administration, illegal immigration has surged to unprecedented levels, with an estimated 1.5 million illegal immigrant “gotaways” recorded since 2021. This dramatic increase in illegal crossings poses a significant threat to American citizens living on the border, yet the administration seems more focused on political correctness than on securing the nation’s borders.

In addition to the surge in illegal immigration, the Biden administration has promoted the CBP One app, allowing foreign nationals to remotely schedule meetings for asylum claims. This has resulted in tens of thousands of foreign nationals entering the United States through this platform, further straining resources in major cities like Chicago and New York City, where housing and services for these individuals have become a challenge.

Conservatives argue that the cost of illegal immigration is a burden on American taxpayers, with estimates suggesting it costs around $151 billion annually. Moreover, a recent report from Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee highlights the strain illegal immigration places on the American medical system. Despite these concerns, the Biden administration seems more interested in virtue signaling and avoiding “offensive” terms than in addressing the real issues at hand.

Public opinion reflects this dissatisfaction with the Biden administration’s handling of the border. A CBS News poll found that 63% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s approach to immigration, with only 37% approving. This lack of support shows that the American people are not buying into the administration’s attempts to downplay the seriousness of illegal immigration and its impact on the country.

For conservatives, Mayorkas’ directive to avoid using “illegal alien” is just another example of the Biden administration’s misguided approach to immigration policy. It ignores the realities at the border, the strain on resources, and the concerns of American citizens, choosing instead to prioritize political correctness and virtue signaling. To address the crisis at the border, conservatives believe a more robust and commonsense approach is needed—one that prioritizes securing the border and enforcing immigration laws to protect American citizens and uphold the rule of law.

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