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Outrageous Bill: Maine Dems Plot State Seizure over Parental Rights

In Maine, Democrats are pushing forward legislation, LD 1735, known as the “Act to Safeguard Gender-affirming Health Care,” which would grant the state emergency jurisdiction over children whose parents object to sex-change procedures and other gender-affirming medical interventions. The bill, similar to legislation in Democratic-led states, is causing significant concern among conservatives. The judiciary committee hearing on LD 1735 was initially scheduled for Wednesday morning but was postponed due to bad weather and rescheduled for January 25 at 3:00 p.m.

If the bill passes, it would prevent courts from considering the abduction of a child from a parent seeking gender-affirming health care, allow temporary jurisdiction if a child is unable to obtain such care, and bar law enforcement from participating in arrests or extradition based on out-of-state warrants related to laws against sexual mutilation of children. The definition of “gender-affirming health care” includes genital mutilations, sterilizing chemical interventions, hormone therapies, and cosmetic surgeries to align appearance with gender identity.

Children taken from their parents could access state-funded programs covering the costs of irreversible and disfiguring procedures. Courage Is a Habit, a parental rights group, intensified its pressure campaign against the bill, providing committee members’ email addresses. Critics, including Megyn Kelly and political scientist Carol Swain, expressed outrage, calling the legislation unconstitutional and questioning the state’s role in making medical decisions for children. Some critics even suggested the bill could lead to increased medical tourism and profits for pharmaceutical companies. The backlash underscores the deep divide over parental rights, medical interventions, and the role of the state in such matters.

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