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NY Cop Attackers Face Justice in Arizona Crackdown!

The recent attack by a mob of illegal aliens on two NYPD officers near Times Square has stirred public outrage and raised concerns about the consequences these assailants might face. The officers were kicked in the head by the group while trying to detain a suspect. Despite seven arrests being made, five individuals were released without bail, one wasn’t charged, and only one was held on bail. The released individuals, upon their freedom, displayed a shocking lack of remorse, with some even flipping off the public and boasting about their actions going viral on social media.

The situation worsened when, after their release, reports emerged that the assailants fled the state on a bus to California, courtesy of a free ride provided by a non-governmental organization (NGO). This turn of events sparked significant public outcry, even catching the attention of the liberal media. Media outlets, for once, pursued Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, the progressive prosecutor responsible for the controversial decision, seeking answers.

In a surprising development, the individuals who initially seemed to revel in their actions are no longer laughing. They were apprehended in Phoenix after arriving on a Greyhound bus, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced their custody for immigration violations. While this development signals accountability on the immigration front, questions remain about whether they will be held responsible for their assault on the police officers.

The potential deportation of these individuals raises concerns about the effectiveness of such measures, especially with the current state of open borders under the Biden administration. If deported, there is a risk they could return, exploiting the lax border security policies. The broader issue highlighted by this case is the countless incidents that go unnoticed, where individuals evade accountability and disappear into the shadows. Despite the media coverage prompted by this incident, the core problem persists, with many holding President Joe Biden accountable for the deteriorating situation and expressing skepticism about a resolution until a change in leadership occurs.

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