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Former Border Patrol Chief Warns Huge Migrant Surge Just Days Away

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott has warned of a buildup in the number of people readying to rush the U.S.-Mexico border when the Trump-era Title 42 program that helped stem the tide of illegal immigration ends in just a few days.

“On Dec. 22, it’s almost like a starting gun’s going to go off,” Scott told NTD’s The Nation Speaks program in an interview, adding that intel sources in Mexico have warned that untold numbers of people are “literally backing up, they’re getting ready” to cross the border without authorization after Title 42 ends on Dec. 21.

But while Border Patrol agents are aware of the coming surge, Scott warns they’re limited in their ability to prevent people from crossing into the United States illegally and ending up in communities across the nation. Read more…

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