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NBC Reporter Shocked: Illegal Border Crossings at Unprecedented Levels!

NBC News correspondent Guad Venegas provided a firsthand account of the escalating migrant influx at the Eagle Pass, Texas, border crossing, a revelation that stunned many. The surge in illegal immigration this week saw Customs and Border Protection apprehending a record-breaking 12,000 plus individuals crossing the border in a single day, placing further strain on the Biden administration to address this persisting crisis. Venegas’ report aired on MSNBC, capturing the vast crowd of migrants awaiting processing, with a continuous flow of newcomers crossing the border.

In his coverage, Venegas highlighted the unprecedented scale of migrant gatherings, asserting that this surge significantly surpassed any he had witnessed during previous reporting in Eagle Pass. This trend echoed across different border regions, as recounted by other reporters working along the U.S.-Mexico border and in areas like Arizona and Jacumba near San Diego. The surge is reflected in official government reports, with soaring numbers of apprehensions and encounters, stretching the already thinly spread resources to their limits.

Venturing into local perspectives, Venegas relayed Rep. Tony Gonzales’ (R-TX) account, indicating the overwhelming strain on federal processing centers and area hospitals due to the substantial influx of illegal immigrants. Gonzales informed Venegas that the hospitals are struggling to cope, potentially hampering healthcare access for both migrants and local residents, painting a grim humanitarian crisis unfolding at the border.

This dramatic increase in illegal border crossings has prompted bipartisan concern, with leaders from both sides urging the Biden administration to address the crisis urgently. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) emphasized the necessity for President Biden to wield executive orders to bolster border security, while Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) stressed the imperative to halt this perilous surge in immigration.

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) took action earlier in the week by signing a bill granting state authorities the authority to detain illegal immigrants, aiming to stem the crisis. However, this move faced criticism from leftist groups and the White House, with the American Civil Liberties Union filing a lawsuit against the law, alleging discrimination and the targeting of minority groups.

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