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Law Enforcement Unites to Tackle Border Crisis Head-On

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has fulfilled his commitment to combating crime resulting from the border crisis by announcing the establishment of a new national coalition of sheriffs. Over 90 sheriffs from 24 states have joined this coalition, pledging to work together to address the challenges posed by illegal immigration and border-related crime. However, it is worth noting that sheriffs from Texas, who have been at the forefront of combating border-related crime for years, are noticeably absent from the list of participants.

The sheriffs involved in the coalition come from a diverse range of states, including Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin. They have expressed their commitment to upholding their oaths of office and protecting the legal residents of their jurisdictions. While recognizing the federal government’s failure to secure the border, they highlight the record numbers of encounters and the alarming increase in fentanyl and drug trafficking.

These sheriffs have pledged to work alongside Governor DeSantis and the state of Florida to restore law and order to the streets and ensure the safety and well-being of the citizens they serve. They are united in their concern about the consequences of the federal government’s neglect of border states, as cartels and gang members continue to bring drugs and violence into their communities.

It is important to note that some influential Texas sheriffs, including Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd, did not sign the letter. Sheriff Boyd, while acknowledging Governor Greg Abbott’s significant support for border security operations, emphasized the crucial role that Texas has played in leading on border security efforts. He pointed out that Texas is the only state to have constructed its own border wall and highlighted the contribution of the National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety officers in interdicting illegal border crossings and arresting criminals.

The sheriffs who have benefited from Texas’s Operation Lone Star funding have expressed their gratitude to Governor Abbott for the resources provided, which have enabled them to be more effective in combating cartel-related crime. Their access to new technology and additional resources has significantly enhanced their ability to proactively fight against criminal activities within their jurisdictions.

In conclusion, while Governor DeSantis’s creation of a national coalition of sheriffs is a commendable effort to address the border crisis and combat crime, it is important to recognize the leadership and significant contributions made by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas sheriffs who have been at the forefront of border security operations. Their proactive approach, backed by Operation Lone Star funding, has been instrumental in curbing illegal immigration and addressing the challenges posed by cartels and criminal organizations.

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