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How to Take Back American Education

Every conservative in America knows there’s something rotten in higher education. Woke indoctrination, skyrocketing student loan debt, insane COVID rules, outrageous racial quotas, and bizarre education requirements are all problems plaguing American colleges. One may even argue there is no campus for white men.

Seeing this corruption, many conservatives now want young people–particularly young men–to forego college altogether. While rooted in sound motives, this advice just encourages young men to fall even further behind in life. The unfortunate fact is that much of American life requires a college education. Without a degree, many young people would be stuck doing menial labor for scant pay…

But is this actually good advice? For some people, sure. Everyone knows too many people are going to college, and a lot of them shouldn’t be there in the first place. Their aptitudes aren’t served by a university and the return isn’t justified by the expense. These kids were pushed into college by bad advice when they would have been better off attending trade school…

It is true that most colleges are a mess. They need to be radically reformed and we need to offer more alternatives to teens not cut out for higher education. But that doesn’t mean we should tell bright young high schoolers not to go to college. It’s bad advice. Without a college degree, they’re more likely to be stuck as a Walmart cashier with poor marriage prospects, grim employment opportunities, and a terrible social network. You still need a college degree to better your prospects in those categories. We also put our side at a massive cultural and social disadvantage when we insist on the proletarianization of our own side and allowing liberals to control all of the influential institutions. Read more…

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