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Film Exposes Truth Behind George Floyd Narrative Lies

During the unrest following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in the summer of 2020, many have sought to suppress those painful memories, but for the city’s residents and law enforcement across the nation, the wounds remain raw. The consequences of that tumultuous period, exacerbated by political manipulation and misinformation, continue to reverberate across the country, underscoring a breakdown in law and order that persists to this day.

A newly crowdfunded documentary, “The Fall of Minneapolis,” aims to break the collective amnesia surrounding the events of May 25, 2020, which unfolded against the backdrop of a pandemic and political machinations aiming to undermine President Donald Trump. The film, produced by Liz Collin, a former CBS anchor, presents a compelling narrative, steering clear of personal bias, and reveals startling revelations through new evidence and interviews with key individuals, including Derek Chauvin and the police officers involved.

The documentary highlights a web of injustice and political manipulation surrounding George Floyd’s death, shedding light on withheld evidence, false testimonies, and a controversial autopsy report that had undergone changes. The film also draws attention to a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former Hennepin County prosecutor, Amy Sweasy, which unravels a rift within the prosecutor’s office regarding Chauvin’s case.

Sweasy’s allegations suggest that there was immense pressure to prosecute Chauvin and his fellow officers due to the city’s unrest, showcasing a compromised judicial process. The original autopsy report reportedly indicated no evidence of asphyxiation or neck injuries to Floyd, further raising questions about the case’s handling and narrative.

Moreover, the film exposes discrepancies in training techniques and the use of force by police officers, revealing that the restraint technique used by Chauvin was within the department’s approved protocols. Despite this evidence, crucial information was barred from the jury during Chauvin’s trial, casting doubt on the judicial process and fairness.

The documentary underscores the failures and accountability gaps within Minneapolis’s leadership, portraying figures like Chief of Police Medaria Arradondo, Judge Peter Cahill, Mayor Jacob Frey, Attorney General Keith Ellison, and Governor Tim Walz in a harsh light. Despite these revelations, those responsible have faced minimal consequences, signaling a lack of accountability and justice in the aftermath of the crisis.

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