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Dems Defend P*rn in Schools, Locking Out Parents

Terry McAuliffe, the far-left Democrat and nominee for Governor of Virginia, is defending gay porn in schools and says that he will further lock parents out of the education process in Virginia, doubling down on his opposition to programs allowing parents to “veto” certain education materials and vowing that he will make sure parents don’t get the chance to “make their own decisions” regarding the education of their children.

Terry McAuliffe’s Soviet-style remarks on education came during this week’s gubernatorial debate, where he faced off against GOP nominee Glenn Youngkin, who made parental rights pertaining to education a key piece of his debate argument.

Youngkin drilled down on an ongoing controversy in Fairfax County, where parents are fuming over a public school allowing gay, pornographic material to be stocked in the school’s library. According to a mother who attempted to address the issue with the far-left county school board – only to be silenced – the school library carried multiple books that included illustrations depicting gay sex acts, including gay sex acts between a grown man and a fourth grade boy. Read more…

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