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Can You Guess Why The Media is Suddenly Silent About Monkeypox?

Numerous mainstream media sources are all claiming that the World Health Organization ‘s (WHO) top monkeypox expert, Dr. Rosamund Lewis, said on Monday that monkeypox isn’t likely to turn into another pandemic…

The way that the virus was introduced to the world makes me even more suspicious it was intended as a bioweapon. Exactly how did it start to spread? At two gay sex parties in Europe. One called the Darklands invited sado-masochistic men from around the world to play in their dungeon for a few days. The virus was brought in by someone, they shared their time together, and then flew back to their respective countries, infected. It would be nice to see the guest list to see if anyone was from China.

If this is a new strain of COVID, one bit of irony is that the “LGBT” community is the most highly vaccinated group in the world. It would stand to reason that they would be coming down with it due to antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

Whether the virus has taken a new course, is actually just old-fashioned monkeypox, or has been tinkered with by Wuhanies, one thing is for sure: we’re not being told the truth. The mainstream media is skirting the issue. Read more…

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