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Alarming Influx: Illegal Chinese Migrants Surge 800%, Threatening National Security

The concerns raised by experts about a potential covert infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through the ongoing Biden border crisis appear to be gaining relevance. Recent Border Patrol statistics reveal an alarming 800% surge in illegal Chinese migrants attempting to enter the United States.

Data provided by Border Patrol shows that between October 2022 and July, there were approximately 17,678 encounters with illegal Chinese migrants, compared to 1,970 for the entire fiscal year 2022. This trend had prompted U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to issue a memo in March, alerting agency officials to a rise in Chinese migrant numbers.

The CBP memo highlighted that “loosened COVID protocols in China” were enabling Chinese nationals to escape from repressive conditions and seek better living conditions in the United States. The memo also pointed out that some of these migrants were claiming asylum based on religious persecution, particularly due to their Christian faith.

While it’s important to address the issue of religious persecution, the concern lies in the potential infiltration of CCP agents among these migrants. Reports indicate that a significant number of Chinese migrants are military-age males, which has raised suspicions about their intentions. Some experts, including Dr. Kenneth Allard and China expert Gordon Chang, have expressed worry that the CCP might exploit the Biden administration’s perceived vulnerabilities and the ongoing border crisis for their strategic advantage.

The security risk posed by the potential presence of CCP agents within this wave of migrants cannot be ignored. There is a fear that some individuals may be entering the United States with malicious intentions, aiming to commit acts of sabotage or espionage against the country. The situation calls for a cautious approach to ensure national security while also addressing legitimate concerns about religious persecution.

While the exact number of CCP agents among the Chinese migrants remains uncertain, the evolving nature of the border crisis and the potential security implications underscore the need for robust measures to safeguard national interests and protect against potential threats from foreign entities.

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