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32 Lucky Americans Saved by Hero Cory Mills in Israel!

Representative Cory Mills, a combat veteran from Florida, embarked on a mission to Israel to rescue 32 stranded Americans in the midst of the ongoing conflict with Hamas. He emphasized his commitment to showing solidarity with Israel and assisting fellow Americans in the crisis. While Mills managed to help these 32 individuals, he highlighted that hundreds more remain trapped in the country.

Mills staunchly supports Israel’s right to self-defense and believes that the recent attacks by Hamas, an Iranian-backed terrorist group, are intended to disrupt talks with Saudi Arabia and hinder the progress made under the Trump-era Abraham Accords. The release of $6 billion in frozen assets to Iran by the Biden administration has raised concerns among conservatives. Mills pointed to a pattern of aggression by Iran and its proxy militias each time funds are released to the Iranian regime, leading to destabilization and attacks against Western allies and Americans.

The precision and coordination of the recent Hamas attack suggest that the unfrozen funds may have played a role in financing the assault. Mills highlighted the similarity between this Hamas attack, directed by Iran, and previous attacks by Quds Force-led proxy militias in Iraq against US installations and allies. He also expressed concerns about the military weapons and equipment left behind in Afghanistan, which could potentially end up in the hands of Iran, Hezbollah, or Hamas.

Mills stressed the significance of the alignment between China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea in the geopolitical landscape and the strengthening of BRICS, which should be a major concern for the US and its allies. He pointed out the destabilizing of regions connected to the US and proxy wars diverting attention from China’s strategic goals, the global devaluation of the dollar, and the weakening of US production capabilities. All these factors contribute to projecting vulnerability on the world stage, especially under the current administration.

The conflict in Israel has claimed the lives of 22 Americans, and some Americans are believed to be among the hostages taken by Hamas into Gaza. The US government has deployed people on the ground to assist Israeli authorities in intelligence and planning for potential hostage recovery operations. Special operations forces and liaison cells are actively working with Israeli counterparts, and US special forces in Europe are prepared to assist in hostage recovery if ordered.

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