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Leftists: Women Are Now “Bodies With V*ginas”

The prestigious British medical journal The Lancet has been accused of dehumanising women after using the phrase “bodies with vaginas” to describe the fairer sex.

On Friday, The Lancet shared the cover for the latest edition of the magazine on social media with an excerpt from an article titled ‘Periods on display’, which stated: “Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected.”

The article itself, which was published on September 1st, refers to women four times and “bodies with vaginas” once, but the post prompted widespread criticism of the leading medical journal for adopting the language of the woke left rather than being scientific.

Political commentator Calvin Robinson said: “How is it that ‘one of the world’s leading general medical journals’ with a motto of ‘The best science is a good start’ seemingly doesn’t know what a woman is?! ‘Bodies with vaginas’ is unscientific and incredibly demeaning.” Read more…

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