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Your Tax Money Secretly Fueling Abortion Groups Revealed

A recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) uncovered the allocation of nearly $2 billion in federal funds to several abortion advocacy organizations over a span of three years, from 2019 to 2021. The bulk of this substantial amount—approximately $1.89 billion—was funneled to pro-abortion entities, prominently featuring Planned Parenthood, which received a staggering $1.78 billion during this period. This significant funding was granted despite the performance of 1.11 million abortions by Planned Parenthood within those three years.

Senator Marsha Blackburn, who had called for the GAO report in January 2022, emphasized the staggering figures, noting the magnitude of taxpayer dollars funneling into abortion, which echoes the concerns of individuals, irrespective of their stance on abortion. Blackburn underscored the annual flow of nearly $600 million in federal funds towards abortion-related activities, a concerning revelation that runs contrary to the viewpoints of a majority of Americans. According to a January 2023 Marist poll, three out of five Americans oppose the use of tax dollars for abortions.

The report sheds light on the limitations faced in efforts to sever ties between federal dollars and the abortion industry. The Trump administration had previously attempted to curtail federal funding of pro-abortion entities through the Protect Life Rule, stipulating that Title X grant recipients abstain from offering abortion referrals and maintain physical and financial separation from abortion providers. However, Planned Parenthood opted not to comply with the rule, leading to its forfeiture of Title X funding. The Biden administration reversed this rule in 2021, reinstating federal funding to organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Besides the significant funding received by Planned Parenthood, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and MSI Reproductive Choices were among the recipients, receiving millions in taxpayer dollars. The IPPF, operating globally in 146 countries, boasted providing 5 million abortion services in 2022, while MSI, operating in 37 countries, aspired to administer a third of all abortions in its operating areas by 2030.

The report further detailed that a substantial amount—$107.74 million—went to undisclosed domestic regional organizations providing sexual and reproductive health-related services in eight states. Additionally, it highlighted how some of the funds redirected to Planned Parenthood were allegedly acquired unlawfully from the Paycheck Protection Program, originally designed to aid small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senator Blackburn, along with 141 other Republican lawmakers, had urged the GAO to investigate federal funding allotted to abortion advocacy organizations, a move reflecting their concerns about taxpayer money being channeled into entities linked to abortion advocacy.

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