While World War Looms, Biden Does This…

As Russia wages war on Ukraine, the White House released a “fact sheet” Tuesday commemorating the first anniversary of the establishment of the White House Gender Policy Council, which falls on International Women’s Day. The fact sheet celebrated several pieces of legislation and pro-abortion policies passed since President Biden took office.

The fact sheet touted the American Rescue Plan’s (ARP) “historic” COVID-19 vaccination program, the costly Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and Biden’s Executive Order to bump up the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour for federal contractors.

In addition, the fact sheet talked up all the ways the Biden administration expanded abortion rights in the United States and abroad under the guise of “[expanding] access to health care.” The sheet stated how Biden revoked the Mexico City policy, a “global gag” rule that prohibited federal funds from going to foreign non-governmental organizations that provided abortion counseling and referrals and restored funding to the UN Population Fund. In addition, it boasted how Biden’s Department of Justice pursued a legal challenge against the Texas “heartbeat” law protecting the unborn, as well as other “whole-of-government [efforts] to protect women’s reproductive rights,” as Townhall covered. Read more…

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